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The Moscow Global Law Forum offers a series of educational programs and seminars on global law issues. These will be facilitated by top legal and investment experts from Russia and across the globe. The program is aimed at the local and expat business community and investors in Moscow; people who need to plan how to structure their international operations. This year we have paid special attention to questions of how to structure Russian inbound and outbound investments through offshore structures, and indeed, to the need of doing so in the first place. This is especially pertinent in view of the euro crisis and the financial upheavals that have shaken Cyprus and affected Russian and international offshore investors. For this purpose, we have brought in the best international specialists to explain what countries around the world have to offer. We will cover a broad range of jurisdictions: Asian, including Shanghai, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Macau; European, including Switzerland, Cyprus, Malta, Luxembourg, the Baltics, the Netherlands and Ireland; and the USA.

The concept “offshore” might be considered misleading. What we actually mean is how to structure your international holdings and investments in a global world. Therefore, we will also cover countries that are not traditionally considered as “offshore” but which nevertheless offer great incentives for investment. To this end we are holding the following seminars: Business and Investment Laws in the Nordic and Baltic Regions, and Business and Investment Laws in Central and East European Countries. These seminars will focus on: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

In these programs Russian business people and investors will learn about the opportunities and challenges in commerce and real estate investment in the various countries discussed. In addition, they will gain valuable insight into taxation regimes, resident permits and more. We will also deal with global compliance issues such as transfer pricing rules, anti-corruption practices, and liabilities for directors and executives. Furthermore, we will study the controversial topic of the so-called foreign agent laws in Russia and the USA. The program will additionally include training courses in English law and US contract drafting. These are designed for practicing consultants and in-house lawyers.


Founded in 1989 the Trans-European Law Firm Alliance (TELFA) is an international alliance of independent law firms which covers the jurisdictions of Europe and beyond.

TELFA serves clients that have cross-border and/or multijurisdictional needs for legal advice. The firms within TELFA offer a wide range of legal services for corporates, entrepreneurs, family offices and high net worth individuals.

TELFA member firms now have more than 700 lawyers throughout Europe.

Through the sustained commitment of its members, TELFA has become one of the strongest alliances of independent law firms in Europe.

The fact that the member firms of TELFA are independent offers clients a flexible alternative to the global law firm model, in which internal pressures sometimes compete with the needs of client service. TELFA’s focus is on client service through the provision of quality legal advice, which can be managed by the member firm in the client’s jurisdiction, or the client can go direct to the member firm in the foreign jurisdiction(s) in which the client has the need for advice. Through its affiliation with the USLAW NETWORK “USLAW” member firms of TELFA and their clients have access to known and trusted legal advisers throughout the American continent.

In order to service the needs of clients that wish to operate beyond the borders of Europe, TELFA has forged an affiliation with the USLAW NETWORK (“USLAW”).

USLAW is a national organisation comprised of 68 independent member firms throughout the USA, with more than 6.000 attorneys and also firms in Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, and Argentina.

About Awara

Awara is a leading business administration services provider on the Russian market, serving international and local organizations and individual entrepreneurs. Our services comprise a wide array of advisory packages for strategic business development, establishment and investment, and the implementation and execution of our advice, covering all areas of management consulting, accounting, audit, financial administration, recruitment and other HR services, and IT solutions.