The Moscow Global Law Forum offers a series of educational programs and seminars on global law issues. These will be facilitated by top legal and investment experts from Russia and across the globe.

The program is aimed at the local and expat business community and investors in Moscow; people who need to plan how to structure their international operations.

This year we have paid special attention to questions of how to structure Russian inbound and outbound investments through offshore structures, and indeed, to the need of doing so in the first place. This is especially pertinent in view of the euro crisis and the financial upheavals that have shaken Cyprus and affected Russian and international offshore investors. For this purpose, we have brought in the best international specialists to explain what countries around the world have to offer. We will cover a broad range of jurisdictions: Asian, including Shanghai, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Macau; European, including Switzerland, Cyprus, Malta, Luxembourg, the Baltics, the Netherlands and Ireland; and the USA.


  • Business in Asia – Financial Hubs for Russian business
  • Investment and business in Central and Eastern Europe
  • The Nordic and Baltic Region – Investment and Business
  • Master class in English Law
  • Transfer Pricing in a global context
  • Anti-corruption legislation in Russia
  • Mediterranean Real Estate
  • Future offshore centers
  • Awara Executive Night – High-level international business networking